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Step 1:
Click the button below to register your team of 5.  Ensure accurate spelling so you can be contacted through Microsoft Teams.  

Participant Information:​

  • Teams of 5

  • Choose an awesome team name 

  • Best team costumes win a prize!

  • This is a timed event, time will stop when all members cross the finish line and ring the bell.

  • The top fundraising teams  get to compete in Tuff Wally.

  • Waiver forms must be signed and handed in to the office by June 6th

  • All participants must attend an informational meeting on June 6th at lunch in the New Gym

Step 2:
Each member of your team must fill in a waiver package.  Ensure you and your parent/guardian has signed both the Walnut Grove and Grit Farm waiver.  Printed copies are available at the office or download one using the links below.  Hand in at the office anytime or bring to participant meeting on June 6th at lunch in the New Gym.  Bonus points for teams that hand in their waiver packages before June 6th. 


Step 3:
See fundraising page for instructions.


Step 4:
Attend participant meeting June 6th at lunch in the New Gym.

Step 5:
Get costumes ready.

Step 6:
Enter fundraising totals on the night before Tuff Wally (June 9th).  This helps us in determining how much we have raised so far and it goes towards the Tuff Wally championship.

Please enter your team's total fundraising using the appropriate link below.  Due date: June 9th


Step 7:
Do Tuff Wally!
The race involves a short run around the school and then a series of 15 obstacles with the final obstacle being our giant wall.  Be warned that you may get dirty or wet doing the obstacles so bring a change of clothes.  Please wear appropriate footwear.


2022 Team Start Times

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